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To create an event as part of Pokemon’s European “Pokemon Everywhere” outdoor campaign, which introduces the 150 newly released characters. The event’s aim was to create a memorable spectacle, allowing fans to become familiar with the new characters and engage with them.


We organised the event to take place in Germany’s capital Berlin, where we projected a custom-made interactive Light Projection onto a popular shopping centre and invited the public to have a go at ”discovering” hidden characters within the lightprojection game. The event also included 10 promo staff to hand out character postcards, promo staff appearing as costumed characters for photo opportunities and a compere to keep the public engaged.


The event was very successful. 100 players were able to take a turn in the interactive light projection during the 3 hour event and several hundreds more enjoyed watching the proceedings, cheering on players and dancing and taking photos with the costumed characters. Several thousand postcards were given out during the event. The client was very happy with the outcome.